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Bridget Edell
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Bridget, show
teaches you how to 
find furniture and home furnishings at yard sales and flea markets in our local area. Bridget then instructs how to refurbish your bargain finds into fabulous, fun and usable furniture and treasures for your home in a few simple steps!
On Montgomery Community Media:
MCM Channel 21
Wednesday @ 10 pm
Sunday @ 5:30 pm

On Prince George's County TV:
PGCTV Channel 76 (Comcast) 
& Channel 42 (Verizon Fios)
Monday & Friday @ 11 am
Saturday @ 5:30 pm
Episode 7: 
Porch Planter

Host Bridget Edell takes guest Kristi Swartz to a yard sale and a garage sale in search of something that will give Kristi's house some "Pizzazz".

Lip Gloss & A Sander
It’s All You Need!
~ Treasure Hunting & Bargaining
~ Workshop: The Project Challenge
~ Refinishing Techniques
~ Show Off Your Refinished Work!
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Behind the Scenes:
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